Fire Alarm Systems

1st Hope ExtinguisherGet peace of mind knowing that your facility’s alarm system is up to code and functioning properly with our Fire Alarm Service.

A properly maintained fire alarm system can save lives and reduce property damage in an emergency. Scheduled inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire alarm systems is an absolute must.

1st Hope Fire Service technicians perform regularly scheduled maintenance and testing on fire alarm systems that are already installed on your premises. Our goal is to maximize your safety and keep you in compliance with NFPA 72, as well as federal, state and local codes specific to your business.

Fire Alarm Services:

  • 24-Hour Fire Alarm Monitoring Service
  • Fire/Smoke Alarms Installation And Maintenance According To Federal And Local Requirements
  • Alarms Serviced And Tested On A Regular Schedule

Fire Detection And Alarm Systems Include:

  • Smoke Detection
  • Flame Detection
  • Heat Detection
  • Air Sampling Detection
  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Optical Flame
  • Beam Smoke Detection
  • Waterflow Detection
  • Flammable Gas Detection
  • High Rise/Fireman Phone

NFPA 72 Regulatory Requirements:

  • Quarterly System and Component Inspection
  • Annual Testing and Maintenance
  • Record Keeping
  • Training and Education for Personnel