Fire Hoses & Hydrostatic Testing

Hose testing is one of the main services offered by 1st Hope Fire. Do you need hose or tube pressure testers or test stands for burst testing, hydrostatic testing or proof testing of hydraulic hose and tube assemblies? We will design and manufacture hydrostatic test systems to meet your requirements.

1st Hope Fire Extinguisher

Is it time again to plan for your annual hose testing?

Is it hard to find time within your already full training schedule to spend several days on the testing?

Are you concerned about the risks to your staff and wear on your equipment for the testing?

1st Hope Fire Extinguisher1st Hope Fire Can Help!

With our specialized equipment testing multiple lengths of hoses at once, our testing is very efficient. Most departments can be completed in one day! Our level of service can be adjusted to meet your needs (we provide all the labor or your staff provides part of the crew).

Top 3 Reasons to Outsource Testing:

  1. Reduce risk and liability to your department and your staff
  2. Reduce equipment wear and tear
  3. Save available hours for training time, not labor for hose testing

Our Process

We follow NFPA 1962 standards and procedures for testing.

Before arriving onsite, together we will create a testing plan. On testing day, we provide our specialized testing equipment and personnel (depending on the testing plan). Our equipment enables us to complete the testing much faster than if a single engine was being used.

To prepare for the testing, we diagram and document your load configurations to ensure the hose is returned to your department standards after testing.

During testing, we note any defects of failures and tag them appropriately. Per the testing plan, we ensure each hose is identifiable for the records.

After testing, all hose is returned to its original place – with no additional work for you to do. We will provide documentation of all hose tested to you within one week of the testing day.